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Job Brief

We have a vacancy of Technical Support Engineer in our company, KSTAR ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD.. This vacancy is based in Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Technical Support Engineer
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore
Salary: Salary detail is not available
URL Expiry: 2022-08-28
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Job Detail

Job Responsibilities: 1. KTV server hardware maintenance.2. Independently act as the operation platform administrator, and be responsible for operating the operation platform server content update, backup, etc.3. Independently formulate the mechanism and process of server maintenance, operation and management.4. Organize and be responsible for system testing.job requirements: 1. At least proficient in one of HTML5, PHP, MySQL.2. Have certain software project development experience.3. Serious and careful work, responsible, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and strong obedience.4. Have certain network setup knowledge and experience.5. Basic knowledge of operating system, command line, network basics (IP/DNS/HTTP/tcp), API calls, etc. Depending on the technology used in the product you support, Win Server/Linux be used Knowledge, nginx, docker, k8s, python, shell, etc.

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