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Job Brief

We have a vacancy of Technical Director in our company, ByteDance. This vacancy is based in Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Technical Director
Company: ByteDance
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore
Salary: Salary detail is not available
URL Expiry: 2022-08-26
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Job Detail

1. Efficiently support project team’s day to day, helping to identify technical risks/issues and guide them throughout the development process;

2. Oversight on the construction of a diverse portfolio, assisting various teams in development process;

3. Work with production staff and other leads to establish engineering goals and subsequent schedule requirements across multiple disciplines of programming and technology to keep projects on time and budget;

4. Provide feedback for titles in all stages of development, from inception to release.

1. 10+ years of leadership experience as Senior Engineer, Associate Technical Director, or Technical Director; 15+ years of software development experience;

2. Experience identifying and assisting internal & external teams;

3. Expert knowledge in one or more major functional areas of Backend and cloud services/Engine Systems/SDK/BI/ Server Engine.

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