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We have a vacancy of Renewables Regulatory Affairs in our company, Iberdrola. This vacancy is based in Singapore Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Renewables Regulatory Affairs
Company: Iberdrola
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore Singapore
URL Expiry: 2022-11-18
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Job Detail

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:



With presence in all project stages (strategy, development, construction and O&M) and in all onshore renewable technologies (onshore wind, PV, hydro, storage, hybrids, etc.), and all Asian countries of interest to Iberdrola, the role purpose is to:

* Defend the company’s interests in managing power regulation through the interface with regulators, government and other agents.
* Evaluate the best environments for investment, directing the company’s actions to ensure compliance with its objectives.
* Establish positioning and lobbying strategies that maximize the company’s position in the markets, ensuring the profitable development of the projects.

Monitor the compliance of power guidelines, law, regulations and ensure the preparation of regular, timely and accurate reports.


Analyse in detail and monitor the laws and regulations that affects renewable installations in Asian markets of interest to Iberdrola and assure its compliance. For the sake of clarity, the countries of interest in 2022 are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam. However, there have been examples of investment opportunities which required looking at other jurisdictions, e.g. Singapore, Thailand, etc.
Identify any gaps in the regulations and propose corrective actions to the regulators, administration, etc. defending the company’s goals and renewable projects.
Evaluate and recommend whether or not the regulatory environment is adequate for investment, thus influencing the company’s decision-making. The correct understanding of the regulatory framework is key to determining which are the preferred areas to invest in and which should be ruled out.
Assist in resolving any risks affecting regulations, propose solutions and mitigation actions to overcome those risks in a timely matter
Manage the resources and knowledge to transmit in a timely manner to all interested levels (directors, country managers and investment office) the relevant regulatory information which allows progress in the analysis of the different projects considered by the company.
Similarly, provide the Boost for Growth department with the necessary regulatory information so that it can carry out the price forecasts, as well as the company’s budgets.
Validate the estimations of income and regulatory impacts considered in the investment dossiers, facilitating investment decision-making.


Great team leadership, negotiation, organization and decision-making skills; independent; and with the capacity to represent Iberdrola with external agents. It is necessary a deep understanding of the changes and market forces that influence the company, as well as combining technical, economic and legal knowledge of the energy sector. Specifically:
* Capacity for negotiation and persuasion.
* Ability to build technical/economic/legal arguments and transmit/present them both internally and externally
* Autonomy, capacity for synthesis and presentation
* Creative and agile approach to workplace challenges
* Knowledge of technical operation of electrical systems and their markets
* Understanding of the technical, economics and legal risks present in the regulation and in the electricity systems and markets
* Good legal knowledge. Read and interpret legal texts
* Global vision of the business. It is necessary to be coordinated with a large number of counterparties and communicate relevant information to all of them.
* Interpersonal and communication skills, high level of empathy and leadership to interact with competitors, industry associations, etc.,
* Ability to lead lobbying plans.


* Minimum experience of 10 years on power sector, in positions that allow a deep knowledge in the operation of the electrical system.
* Demonstrated experience in team’s leadership
* Experience in Asian electrical markets and systems
* Experience in interfacing with regulators and strategic planning
* Experience in market analysis and knowledge of regulatory compliance
* Experience in processing legal texts, in economic assessments of projects and risk management
* Experience and technical knowledge of renewable energies.


Master’s Degree in Engineering, Economics or Law
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