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National Council of Social Service

Job Brief

We have a vacancy of Manager/Senior Manager Social Service Institute in our company, National Council of Social Service. This vacancy is based in Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Manager/Senior Manager Social Service Institute
Company: National Council of Social Service
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore
Salary: Salary detail is not available
URL Expiry: 2022-08-13
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Job Detail

What the role is

The Manager / Senior Manager will serve as the Project Manager for the Integrated Learning and Training Management System (iLTMS) project, driving the planning, development and implementation of the ongoing project. He/She will also be actively involved in proposing and setting the direction and aligning with SSI and NCSS’ digitalisation efforts. Together with the iLTMS Workgroup, he/she will be involved in tasks such as managing project timelines, managing project budget, identifying user needs, gathering information for decision making and ensuring user readiness for both internal and external users. He/she will also work closely with key stakeholders, which include (but not limited to) SSI officers, NCSS ICS, NCSS Finance, GovTech, system vendors, Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Social Service Agencies (SSAs).

What you will be working on

1. Project Management for iLTMS Project • Review current and future SSI and learner needs for digitalisation to determine next steps for iLTMS in supporting SSI’s digitalisation effort • Manage, coordinate and make decisions regarding project timelines for the overall iLTMS project, which includes overall implementation, enhancements, deployment, down-time and iLTMS’ future plans while considering budget availability. • Maintain project reports that accurately reflect completed work against project plans, schedules, and budgets, and ensure users/management involvement at appropriate milestones. • Manage the budget and procurement for iLTMS, including budget projection, tracking of utilisation and reporting which is to be in compliance with SSI, NCSS and WOG policies and practices. • Provide guidance and participate in project meetings between internal and external stakeholders to align their interests towards for SSI. • Monitor needs of various stakeholders, understand how system specifications meet these needs and participate in system tests / providing feedback. • Ensure internal and external user readiness for the iLTMS system by completing tasks such as developing and updating user guides and user videos, troubleshooting and communicating key updates to the stakeholders. • Coordinate the efforts of the iLTMS Workgroup and foster cross-team ownership and shared accountability. • Coordinate and attend bi-weekly and monthly Project Working Committee and Project Steering Committee meetings and provide timely updates to management. • Provide and maintain all project documentation including (but not limited to) project contracts, procurement documents, functional specifications, project roadmaps, project plans, sign-off documents, and testing plans. 2. Stakeholder Partnership • Engage and liase with internal and external stakeholders to collaborate on various aspects of the iLTMS Project, such as on timelines, budget, system specifications, etc. 3. iLTMS System Administrator • Manage system access for SSI officers to the iLTMS system including creation of new accounts, deactivation of old accounts, and conducting monthly / annual reviews of user accounts.

What we are looking for

Core Competencies Self-Leadership a) Managing Contingencies – Able to manage irregularities and problem solve in unforeseen circumstances b) Orientating towards quality – Possesses an affinity for seeing details, grades them against a pre-set standard to identify flaws. c) Thinking Conceptually – Plans resource utilization and work processes throughout the execution of the given task/project d) Advocating Ethical Collaboration – Getting individuals and groups of people to come together cooperatively by creating a climate of respect and openness to accept a desire course of action e) Communicating Effectively – Planning and delivering an oral or written interchange of feelings and ideas that are impactful and persuasive with intended audiences Skills & Knowledge: a) Diagnostic Information Gathering – able to identify the information needed to clarify a situation, seek that information from appropriate sources, and use skilful questioning to draw out the information, when others are reluctant to disclose it b) Planning and analysing needs of stakeholders – Able to conduct a needs assessment to understand goals of stakeholders for iLTMS and analyse these results to propose solutions address the identified need c) Demonstrating Subject Matter Expertise – Able to apply key knowledge and critical thinking skills related to various key stakeholders inside and outside of SSI. Experience: • Experience in the Continuing Education and Training sector preferred • Experience in project managing IT systems within teaching/ training in the adult education sector • Experience with training and learning systems including knowledge of databases, API and learning technology integration- related matters

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