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Job Brief

We have a vacancy of Kitchen Crew in our company, Blue Waves. This vacancy is based in Singapore Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Kitchen Crew
Company: Blue Waves
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore Singapore
URL Expiry: 2022-11-16
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Job Detail

Perform a wide range of duties in the fast-moving kitchen; they are the utility people, often assisting Head Chef, line cooks, managers, and waitstaff with various aspects of meal preparation and delivery.


Basic Food Prep

The kitchen staff arrives early to organize the kitchen and do food prep to streamline cooking and meal presentation, including washing, peeling, and cutting fruits and vegetables; mixing ingredients for dishes; and cutting and seasoning meats.

Meal Presentation

The kitchen staff organizes customers’ plates before the waitstaff—or sometimes even the kitchen staff—bring the final product to the customer. They have a working knowledge of the day’s meals and menus and understand what each dish calls for before delivery.

Stock Kitchen and Storeroom

The kitchen staff works with management and head cooks to receive, stack, and properly store food in kitchens, cold storage, and storerooms. They transfer food and supplies to the kitchen as needed.

Cleaning Duties

The kitchen staff is responsible for ensuring all areas of the kitchen, food prep, and food storage areas are clean and properly sanitized. This includes washing dishes and cooking equipment, cleaning floors, sanitizing countertops and cutting boards, and maintaining all areas to health code standards.

Kitchen Setup and Breakdown

If they are the first to arrive, the kitchen staff turns on the lights and grills, starts kitchen prep work, and prepares the kitchen and customer areas for service. When they’re the last to leave, the kitchen staff puts food and dishes away, cleans and mops the floors, and turns off all ovens, stoves, and other cooking equipment.


  • Dependability
  • Physical stamina
  • Personal hygiene
  • Well-groomed
  • Facility with kitchen equipment
  • Team player
  • Capacity to work in a fast-paced environment


  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Minimum Certificate or Diploma in Culinary Skills
  • With experience in the relevant role is an advantage
  • Thorough knowledge of food safety procedures
  • Comfortable working long shifts if required and on weekends and PHs

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