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Job Brief

We have a vacancy of Customer Insight Manager in our company, OKX. This vacancy is based in Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Customer Insight Manager
Company: OKX
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore
Salary: Salary detail is not available
URL Expiry: 2022-08-29
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Job Detail

OKX has built the world’s leading compliant cryptocurrency platform serving over millions of accounts globally. With multiple successful products, and our vocal advocacy for blockchain technology, we have played a major part in mainstream awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency. We are proud to offer an entire suite of products that are helping build the cryptoeconomy and increase economic freedom around the world.
As a Growth Customer insights Manager, you are responsible for contributing to a data-driven product strategy and customer insight that drives healthy and sustainable active user growth. You will work with multiple disciplines in our growth product teams including User Acquisition, User activity and Partnerships with business teams to ensure we are optimizing for sustainable growth, driving KPIs of higher engagement and retention, and working to innovate on bringing new audiences into our game.


  • Apply your expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and understand how our users interact with both our consumer and business products.
  • Identify the opportunities most important for growth, to remove barriers for product adoption, retention, engagement, and/or monetization, and partner with our growth-focused engineering teams to execute on projects based on what’s identified to accelerate the growth and adoption of Facebook Inc. products in all the markets we serve.
  • Understand funnels, ecosystems, user behaviors, and long-term trends in the adoption of our products to identity opportunities for step-changes and angle changes in growth.
  • Define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products and allow us to monitor the heath of product adoption in the markets we serve.
  • Communicate the state of business, experiment results, opportunities, etc. to product teams.
  • Influence and inform product teams through presentation of data-based recommendations.
  • Product Growth Responsibilities:
  • Lead the product understanding process using data to identify opportunities to remove friction and accelerate growth and market adoption of our products.
  • Lead the ideation and execution of product changes that drive growth, partnering with Product Management, Engineering, Design, Content Strategy and Data Science.
  • Bring a deep understanding of growth & optimization best practices to growth focused engineering teams.
  • Drive consensus and prioritize the road-map of the growth-focused engineering team to drive a ruthless focus on the most impactful ideas.
  • Partner with product designers, who are also members of our growth-focused product & engineering teams, to ensure that designs incorporate known best practices, remove friction, and will be effective at increasing product adoption in the market.
  • Partner with Engineering and Data Science to develop and implement experiments to test hypothesis for which changes will drive product adoption and growth.
  • Analyze the results of experiments to determine what should launch or not. Learn from and iterate on those experiments by identifying additional opportunities to drive growth.
  • Establish shared vision across the company for growth product optimizations by building consensus on priorities leading to major product improvements.


  • 3+ years experience doing quantitative analysis.
  • 2+ years experience working collaboratively with product team members such as: product management, engineering, design, data science, data engineering etc.
  • 2+ years experience manipulating data sets through statistical software (ex. R, SAS, Pivot Tables) or other methods.
  • 2+ years experience with product optimization work i.e. funnel/website optimization and/or outbound communication channels like email or push notifications.
  • 1+ years experience in SQL and/or other programming language.
  • 1+ years experience with product optimization or growth best practices.
  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering, Statistics or other technical field or 3+ years equivalent technical work experience.
  • Experience in making analytical, data-driven decisions and communicating the results of analyses.
  • Experience in statistics (e.g. hypothesis testing, product experimentation, regressions, experimentation logic and biases).

Good to Have

  • Experience with prioritizing, communicating and influencing teams.
  • Experience thinking strategically, structurally solving product problems, and driving execution.
  • Experience delivering growth on the most important top-line company KPI’s.
  • Experience working with product and engineering teams and technologies on platforms with existing, significant user adoption.
  • Experience partnering with product design, to design for growth and market adoption.
  • Experience with software development/coding and/or working closely with software engineers.

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