Analog Layout Engineer Jobs

Uni Connect Pte. Ltd.

Job Brief

We have a vacancy of Analog Layout Engineer in our company, Uni Connect Pte. Ltd.. This vacancy is based in Singapore. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Analog Layout Engineer
Company: Uni Connect Pte. Ltd.
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Singapore
Salary: Salary detail is not available
URL Expiry: 2022-09-08
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Job Detail

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for in-house analog/RF projects and IP/library developments
  • Participate in block/IP/chip level floor-planning activities.
  • Create and develop layout from design schematics in accordance to project requirements and specifications.
  • Perform various physical verification checks such as LVS, DRC, Antenna etc.
  • Opportunity to work with multi-functional teams in various sites.

  • Proficient in industry standard tools such as Cadence/Synopsys
  • Good communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering or their equivalents
  • Knowledge on layout techniques and electrical considerations, such as device matching, IR drop, RC effects, shielding, coupling capacitance etc
  • Working knowledge of deep sub-micron process nodes, 10/7/5/3 nm is a plus, but not required.